DevBlog Weekly Roundup (April 18 2022)

Hey everyone, welcome back to another weekly roundup of development updates and noteworthy news! Unfortunately, this is one of those weeks that isn’t picture-filled, but we have stuff to share involving how the player now moves around and some things concerning Embrs getting listed on XRPL Stack!

First off, let’s talk about character movement. Currently, in Emberlight, moving around is done by clicking on the exits, and you would get transported to another connected room. This system was originally going to be used for Rekindled in a modified form where you would move further along a path by clicking on specific points. Instead, we decided to use a new system like a top-down ARPG that lets the character walk toward the intended position. Since the levels themselves are now purely for exploration, and combat occurs randomly while walking along paths with a transition to an arena, this provides more flexibility on how areas get designed.

In other news, Embrs was listed on XRPL Stack earlier this week. XRPL Stack is an online community for XRPL enthusiasts to learn, rate projects, discuss and share knowledge. You can find us here.

And since there weren’t many pictures this week, here is some more of our soundtrack from Andey Fellowes.

That’s it for last week, don’t forget to check out our Discord and Twitter for more regular updates throughout the week. Thank you for reading this catchup; we’ll be posting more each week.

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