The token


Embers (EMBRS) are a token on the XRP Ledger. Players are rewarded Embers within Emberlight: Rekindled (currently in development) as well as future projects in the Emberlight universe. Embers can then be traded on the XRP Ledger’s Decentralized Exchange (DEX) as well as used as a currency within Emberlight-based games (such as gaining access to future games, DLC, etc.). Embers are the token that powers the EMBRS Forged platform.

We will look to continually expand the use cases of Embers over time.

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Only 100 million $EMBRS


There is a total of 100,000,000 (100 million) $EMBRS released. The issuer account is blackholed so no more $EMBRS can be issued.



5% or 5,000,000 $EMBRS has been reserved for airdrop

Quarter Onion


10% or 10,000,000 $EMBRS is allocated to Quarter Onion Games LLC

Game Rewards


85% or 85,000,000 $EMBRS is set aside for the two major pools (rewards and staking pools)

Our two main use cases for Embers are:

  1. A reward for players in Emberlight: Rekindled and potential future games. You can turn Emberlight into a potential income stream by being able to sell earned Embers on the XRP Ledger’s DEX as well as future supporting exchanges.
  2. A way to purchase Emberlight-based games as well as DLC and other content within. Outside of an initial purchase of Emberlight: Rekindled, you can use Embers to access all other content.

We will look into various other use cases over time. This can include Emberlight-based merchandise in a storefront, and utilizing EMBRS in other gaming communities. Long term, once we’re confident the Play-To-Earn module of EMBRS has been fully developed, we can also begin development of an NFT module which would heavily utilize EMBRS.

The Embers Manager is the gateway to rewards, and staking. When Emberlight: Rekindled launches, each successful run will send a message to the Embers Manager to allow a payout from the rewards pool. Token holders can stake into the Embers Manager to receive a proportional payout from the staking pool.

We will be taking multiple steps to ensure both transparency in the Embers we hold as well as future issuances including:

  • With input from the community as well as discussions in the team, we were able to find a resolution to feel comfortable blackholing the issuing account. This was broadcast through our main channels.
  • Transactions via Quarter Onion Games on a daily basis will be capped to 1% of the previous day’s volume of Embers. This includes buys and sells to provide accountability for concerns about pump and dump schemes.
  • When the rewards and staking pools go active, we have periodic updates of the status of the pools.

The pools will generally be maintained via three mechanics:

  1. EMBRS that are used as a currency within the Emberlight: Rekindled ecosystem will have a portion added back into the pools. As the overall EMBRS ecosystem grows, we expect this to have the greatest impact on keeping the pools maintained.
  2. Quarter Onion Games LLC will be actively working to keep the pools as filled as possible. The initial 10 million (along with any tokens earned) will consistently be in the staking pool. Along with sales of Emberlight: Rekindled, this will allow Quarter Onion Games LLC to actively buy from the market when conditions support it and reintroduce more EMBRS into the pools.
  3. Any Embers staked are able to be rewarded to other players, while earning a daily reward for the token holder proportional to the amount. Token holders looking to take their Embers out can do so at any time and this acts effectively as a payout from the rewards pool.

The short answer: it doesn’t. There is no native mechanism for staking on the XRP Ledger.

The long answer: Any mechanism that involves staking would need to involve a bridge or side chain. This entire mechanism is very experimental, and development on it will start once we’ve made enough progress on Emberlight: Rekindled and the rewards mechanism. It may or may not be technically feasible.

The extremely early concept we have investigated involves a linking between the XRP Ledger and Flare Networks. It would function like:

  1. An xAPP in the XUMM Wallet would access the Embers Manager. A token holder would be able to stake a variable amount of EMBRS from their XRP wallet.
  2. Embers Manager would receive EMBRS, deposit into the staking address and assign the token holder’s XRP address a destination tag within (or add to an already existing destination tag).
  3. The xAPP will show the total amount of EMBRS within the assigned destination tag that are currently staked, and provide a means to have the EMBRS sent back from that destination tag at any time.
  4. An equivalent F-EMBRS token will exist on the Flare Network. For each EMBRS staked, an F-EMBRS will be minted on Flare. The entire staking pool of EMBRS will also be minted as F-EMBRS.
  5. The Embers Manager will maintain a smart contract on the Flare network that will be generating interest on the staked amount, pull from the F-EMBRS staking pool, and coordinate depositing the earned amount into the token holder’s wallet daily.
  6. There will always be an equal amount of EMBRS and F-EMBRS on both networks.

We’d like to emphasize that the final rendition of this system may or may not resemble the system above and it will be a constant evolution as we test concepts.

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