The game


Emberlight is a roguelite dungeon crawler set in a world where the Gods have given you a great gift – and a great curse.

Explore procedurally generated dungeons as a Knight of the Ember Order. Conquer the quests set out before your party, and uncover the lore of the land. Grow your strength by absorbing the abilities of your slain enemies and collecting the powerful traits of dungeon bosses.

Become strong, become quick, become immortal – but be warned – as you fight using unstable Ember powers, they will begin to corrupt and twist your very soul. Every gift of power has its sacrifice; every ability has its cost.

As the Gods fight for control of their creations, you must decide what is good, and what is evil. To protect your people against the dangers of Ember power, you must use its power to your advantage. Will you conquer the dark, or will you lose yourself to corruption?

Coming soon…



Emberlight: Rekindled will be a complete overhaul of the game. We are taking all the feedback over the last few years coupled with more insight the team has gained looking at other indie titles to rebuild Emberlight to its core. Our launch is expected tentatively in June of this year and the overhaul will consist of:

  • Co-op mode for up to 3 players
  • The hub city which includes various mechanics for story, earned party members, shops, a tech tree to specialize characters, and more
  • Graphics overhaul
  • Level generator overhaul
  • Music overhaul by Andey Fellowes
  • UI overhaul
  • And plenty more…