Powered by the $EMBRS token, EMBRS Forged is a powerful platform that is used to launch games from independent studios within the XRP Ledger. Studios will be able to easily add support for features ranging from Play-To-Earn, to supporting functional economies via selling items, land, and properties in-game as NFTs.



Testing focuses on our currently active Discord bot which is allowing us to experiment with features that will exist in Core. Currently this includes earning via the EMBRS faucet, rewarding players in the Emberlight tournament, and tipping other community members. We will continue to test other features while building the Core web app.

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QUARTER 2, 2023


Core focuses on Play-To-Earn. This phase will have the biggest impact on both game developers and players. Players can begin earning in their favorite games while developers require very minimal changes to their game’s code to support this.

QUARTER 4, 2023


Expansion focuses on features which enhance Play-To-Earn while providing more tools for both the community and game developers. Players can now earn NFTs from Steam achievements and dabble in E-Sports via tournaments. Game developers find new tools such as an asset database to help facilitate game production and further tap into the power of the XRP Ledger.

QUARTER 3, 2025


Economy focuses on NFTs empowering functional economies. Games and metaverses can utilize the Economy module to allow players to earn via interacting with the world’s economy. This can range from running a business to selling off loot, with the items, land, and properties being NFTs that have real world value.