DevBlog Weekly Roundup (March 21 2022)

Hey everyone, welcome to our first weekly roundup for dev updates and other important news through the week (though it’ll be more than just last week for this post). Firstly let us go over a few important things that happened over the last month or so.

One of the main things that have been focused on with game development is a new Hub system between quests, which will incorporate all of the necessary vendors to help you fight evil! One of the vendors will include a Barracks, where you’ll upgrade your acquired party members through items and skills.

We are also updating our UI across the game, which will involve everything already seen in the game and any new changes, including our main menu. As the game loads up, the characters fade into view along with the menu UI. The UI across the game will look cleaner and should be overall improved.

Along with a visual upgrade, we will go through the audio side and improve that, including skill sounds and a menu. Additionally, more music is being composed and added to the game, and since we’re on the topic of the Hub, here is a preview of one of the new tracks being added.

This track is also used in the intro bumper of our recent streams on Twitch, and soon we will also be uploading more progress videos on our Youtube. Don’t forget to check out our Discord and Twitter for more regular updates throughout the week. Thank you for reading this catchup; we’ll be posting more each week.

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