DevBlog Weekly Roundup (March 28 2022)

Hey everyone, welcome back to another weekly roundup of development updates and noteworthy news!

This week won’t have as many fantastic images to show off relating to last week’s progress, but as ever, we are working hard on Emberlight: Rekindled. A lot of discussions happened last week on some changes to some current systems that could make both the game less complicated to design and more user friendly.

The Hub will now focus on a particular area with all necessary vendors accessible. This change makes it less tedious to upgrade your armour or buy items for your next quest without needing to move about, as this makes more sense for a player who comes back to the same place multiple times.

Another change is in how the rooms are generated, with the exploration rooms designed with one character in mind and combat rooms being a separate space so that each area doesn’t need to be built around combat. With the fog of war, exploring will be more enjoyable.

Since we don’t have much to show, here is another soundtrack that will be featured in the game!

This coming week we will hopefully have more to show visually again. Don’t forget to check out our Discord and Twitter for more regular updates throughout the week. Thank you for reading this catchup; we’ll be posting more each week.

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