DevBlog Weekly Roundup (April 11 2022)

Hey everyone, welcome back to another weekly roundup of development updates and noteworthy news! Last week improvements were made to the hub, and the first concepts of characters were tested.

Hub improvements are coming along nicely, as the hub is starting to become functional and fashionable. Below are two images showing the full aesthetic view and the other showing implementation of Hub mechanics for selecting vendors.

Hub without selection
Hub with selection

Basic concepts of characters were made for testing purposes and to get a general idea of design. These are a work in progress and not final by any means. Our current plan is to have all main characters designed to be unique and appealing and generally not have their appearance change unless it’s story-driven.

WIP character designs

That’s it for last week, don’t forget to check out our Discord and Twitter for more regular updates throughout the week. Thank you for reading this catchup; we’ll be posting more each week.

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